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The Golden Age of Social Media is Over

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PEERtainment: The Golden Age of Social Media is Over

By Matthew Rouse


People aren’t just leaving traditional feed-based social media, they have already left. There is a new way to build a business, get paid, and spread your message… all at once.

PEERtainment: The Golden Age of Social Media is Over” is a book that explores how social media has changed and how people are now shifting towards entertainment networks like YouTube, Amazon Live, Patreon, Twitch, TikTok, or the entertainment sections of traditional apps, such as Reels or YouTube Shorts.

While managing his marketing agency, Matt discovered a well-kept secret about how social media has changed and coined the term “PEERtainment” to describe it. This is a move away from the family & friends updates, the “text & image” feeds. Home studios are taking over and independent creators are being watched more than studio-made television shows and streaming services.

The book outlines how to create and optimize content for the metrics that control every PEERtainment system.

Matt encourages readers to partner with AI systems to create content faster and at a scale never before possible. The book is written with Audience Retention in mind, and there is no fluff. Just the information you need to stay relevant in a quickly changing digital landscape.

The book explores the potential for PEERtainment networks for both creators and brands, as well as the combination of human connection and AI technology.

  • MASSIVE VALUE for creators and entrepreneurs – no fluff, just the good stuff.
  • Discover what a PEERtainment Network is.
  • The OPPORTUNITY for entrepreneurs to BUILD a business or GROW their existing business.
  • How you can PARTNER with AI for massive growth.
  • WRITTEN and EDITED by actual humans, except the Foreward…
  • FOREWARD by ChatGPT (to demonstrate partnering with AI)

This opportunity only appears at the collision point of several technologies and hasn’t happened since the early 2000s with the rise of social networks. This time, it’s about AI, peer-created entertainment, high-speed Internet, and recording tech, all coming together at once.

Become a CREATOR.
SPREAD your message.
GROW your audience.

This is an opportunity for every creator, entrepreneur, and business to stay RELEVANT in a quickly changing digital world.